Usui/Holy Fire 11 Reiki Master Class Information

The 2018 Class will be held on a Saturday, Sunday, Monday, in early November. Cost of the program is $850 CAD.  This includes a manual.  If cost is a challenge, please email me and we can negotiate a payment plan (for example $100 per month)  A $200 CAD nonrefundable deposit is requested about two months prior to start date.  The program may be taught in a shared manner with Sheila Murphy.   Location is in Owen Sound ON

If you are from out of town and would like accommodation suggestions please email me.

Having Studied Reiki with the Licenced teachers from the International Center for Reiki Training, I will follow the curriculum set out by the ICRT.  It is also understood that we are free to add in any additional learning that we wish to share.

Reiki Master:

Taking the Reiki Master course inspires a person to commit more strongly to living Reiki.  I like to think that ultimately we aim to be Reiki rather than simply doing Reiki.  Being Reiki leads us on a path of self healing.   A person sees Reiki as a spiritual journey that is either ones whole spiritual life or fits genuinely into one’s religious practice.  The inclusivity of Reiki gives me a sense of a significant means to bring the world together.   

While the program curriculum includes information about teaching Reiki, teaching is not necessarily the goal for taking the program.  In fact, in my experience most of the people studying reiki at the Master level are not teaching it.   They call themselves a Reiki Master Practitioner.  It is also important to note that many people who learn Reiki do not have or intend to have a Reiki Practice.  They do intend to use reiki for their own holistic self care.   It is my person experience that it is very helpful in that regard.

The Class is three consecutive days.  The first day gives you the opportunity to become connected with the group, and to be centered in Reiki.  You will receive a manual that you will also find useful as a resource following the classes. with some variations, there will be discussions about

  • definition of soul and spirit
  • the three heavens
  • letting go of guides
  • using crystals and stones with Reiki
  • making a Reiki Grid that can be used for distance healing, personal healing, goals and manifestation
  • what is “Holy Fire”
  • difference between “attunements” and “placements and ignitions”

You will partake in meditation-like exercises such as

  • the Ocean of Holy Love experience,
  • use of the Master symbol
  • moving meditation
  • Healing in the River of Life Experience

The second day includes:

  • Ocean of Holy Love Experience
  • Holy Fire Symbol
  • Holy Fire 11 Reiki and Spiritual Guidance
  • Holy Fire Ignition 1
  • Practice
  • Holy Fire Healing Expereince

The third day includes:

  • Holy Fire Ignition 11
  • Healing Fire Ignition
  • Reiki Practice
  • Review outlines for teaching
  • Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice
  • Developing your Reiki Practice
  • Value of membership
  • Closing prayer

I will also include some extras such as

  • how to use a pendulum and other methods of inner checking
  • chakra references
  • daily Reiki practice for self
  • discussion of reiki with animals (with Sheila Murphy)
  • and more