A bit about how I teach Reiki

Wonderful that you are interested in taking one of the Reiki Classes.  For Reiki 1 and 2, usually in Owen Sound, or for Advanced and Reiki Master, contact me.  livingreiki@rogers.com

To learn more about Reiki, browse through this web site.

My teaching style:

The class is not meant to be either intimidating or stressful.  We will set up a comfortable learning environment.  Practice sessions will be done with coaching so you can relax into the process.  We will all support each other.   Yes it will be serious, but serious with a smile.

How to dress and what to bring:

Be comfortable.  Dress in layers.  You could feel cold because we will not be moving around a lot.  So if you want to bring a blanket, do so.  I would also suggest you bring your water.  Bring your manual and the notes I send you in advance by email.  A pen will also be useful.

After the Class:

I am happy to provide any support by phone or email following the class.  When feasible, we can get together to share Reiki and also discuss concepts as requested. Those of you who decide to have a Reiki practice will also have time to ask questions re your practice.

Reiki I

This class is for you  if you have not taken a Reiki class before but perhaps you have experienced Reiki from a practitioner at least once and would like to learn how to use it yourself.  Reiki can be very helpful in many ways and in this class, besides learning how to practice it, you will also learn about many ways it is possible to use it.  I usually recommend taking both level 1 and 2 of Reiki to better benefit from it.  In any case, continual practice is important in developing your sensitivity.

Reiki II

Prerequisite:  If you did not take Level 1 from me, You must submit a copy of your Level One Reiki Certificate  upon registration.   Talk to me if you cannot locate this.

I must have at least three people in order to run the class.  Reiki 2 teaches you ways to strengthen the flow of Reiki energy.  In Reiki 2 you will also learn Distance Healing and some particular Reiki techniques to focus the energy in different ways.

Taking Reiki classes a second time is not necessary even if it has been years since previous classes occurred.  However, I have found that taking repeats with different teachers is beneficial.

ART and Reiki Master

I am offering Usui/Holy Fire Advanced and Reiki Master program in Nov, 2018.   If you have been working with Reiki 2 and the symbols for at least six months, please contact me by email at  livingreiki@rogers.com or phone 519 371 1255.


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